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Congratulations to our Cowichan High School Bursary recipients: Cara Baudin, Madison Pirie, Darlene Gitaari, Darien Blacklock and Mackenzie exceptional group of young ladies with very big dreams for their future.  On June 7, 2017 they each received $1000 towards furthering their studies in the healthcare field.

Congratulations to Stephanie Saunders and Rachel Dehoop from Kelsey High School.  They each received a $1000 bursary on June 14, 2017 to further their education in the healthcare field. 

Congratulations to Kayleigh Morris on receiving her $1000 bursary on June 27, 2017.


This movie was made by Youth Volunteer Darlene Gitaari for her project on Volunteerism at Cowichan High School. 


2017 Youth Volunteer Application Package


Introduction to Program

Welcome to the Cowichan District Hospital Auxiliary Youth Volunteer program.  This is an opportunity to gain exposure and insight into health care in an acute and chronic care setting.  This is of particular interest to those of you who are considering this field in which to pursue a career.  However, it is also a good place to attain the volunteer hours you will need for graduation.  During your time in this program you will have the opportunity to learn about organizing your workload around the needs of your patients/residents and improve on your communication skills.  You will work within a team and if you continue in the program after a year, you will be asked if you would consider becoming a team leader...all excellent, attainable objectives to have on future resumes.  If you consider applying for bursaries at graduation, remember the Auxiliary reviews all applicants who have achieved 100 hours volunteering and who are planning to enter the health care field.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this program. 
I would be happy to hear from you.

Claire Wessan
Convenor for Youth Volunteers

Hospital Auxiliary Youth Volunteer Memorial


June, 2016 -
Delaney MaratDelaney Marat is a graduate from Kelsey Secondary. She volunteered 314 hours over a period of 4 years in the Youth Program sponsored by the Cowichan District Hospital Auxiliary. She displayed enthusiasm and loyalty to this program and, with the introduction of teams, she proved to be an excellent role model for her team members. Delaney is enrolled in a Bachelor of Science at Vancouver Island University this September with the plan of pursuing a career in Medicine. The Auxiliary wish her all the very best.


Jessica ChomynJessica Chomyn is a graduate from Cowichan Secondary. She volunteered 104 hours during her two year in this program. She demonstrated a keen interest in nursing and also showed strength in her leadership capabilities as a team leader. Jessica is presently in Africa taking part in a midwifery internship in Arusha and plans to include time volunteering in orphanages in Tanzania and Kenya before returning to enroll in a Holistic Doula Program at Pacific Rim College in the new year. Ultimately, she plans to pursue a career in midwifery through studies at UBC. The Auxiliary once again could not be more proud of our students and are so happy to help them attain these aspirations and goals.


June, 2015 - A $1000 bursary was awarded to Esmee Zinkan at Frances Kelsey Secondary School. Esmee is pursuing a degree in Sports Medicine. Esmee volunteered at both the Cowichan District Hospital and Cairnsmore Place for 2 years, donating a total of 115 hours. Our Auxiliary thank Esmee for her dedicated time and wish her all the best.

June, 2014 - Three students from Cowichan High School were each the recipient of a $1000 bursary.  These recipients were -

Sonja Manhas with 262.75 volunteer hours
Andrew Tran with 101.4 volunteer hours
Tommy Klien with 100 volunteer hours

They all express an interest in pursuing a profession in the health care field and have volunteered in the Cowichan District Hospital or Cairnsmore Place being exposed to what they may see or experience in such a work environment. We, the Auxiliary to Cowichan District Hospital, wish them every success in their future studies and thank them for volunteering.  

Our numbers are determined by available volunteers to monitor. 

In 2012 we provided three $500 bursaries for our graduating Youth Volunteers.

Our very first Youth Volunteer bursary winner graduated as a Registered Nurse in June 2014!









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When do the applications come out for volunteering?

Early to mid-September. Cut-off date for enrolling is September 19, 2016

Where do I get an application and where do I submit when completed?

At your school counselling office or print one on-line by clicking on the link at the top of the page. When complete, drop off at your school counsellor's office or mail to hospital address by September 19, 2016.

How old do I need to be?

15 to 18 years old. (Must be 15 by December 31, 2016).

If I am too old or too young are there other options?

If you are too young, there are no other options.

What will my time commitment be?

Two hours once a week - as well a mandatory Information Night (approximately 1 hour) and Orientation/Training Session (approximately 4 hours). You will have three choices as far as days to volunteer and the time will be from 4 - 6pm once a week from October to May. Holidays optional.

Where do I volunteer?

Four months at both CDH and Cairnsmore Place.

Am I required to volunteer during school holidays and breaks?

Ideally yes, as the sites continue to operate all year round and residents and patients look forward to our visits. However, we understand family commitments may arise, in which case, we ask that you inform us in advance if possible.

What if I can’t make the Information Night?

Information Night is September 26, 2016 at 7pm in the Hospital Board Room. It is important that you attend. Unfortunately these sessions are only held once a year. This information will help you to decide whether this is the right fit for you.

What if I can’t make the Orientation/Training Session?

Orientation is October 1, 2016 from 9am - 1pm in the Hospital Lecture Room. Attendance is mandatory. If you cannot attend you will be asked to wait until the following year.

Do I need a flu shot?

Yes. If you choose not get a flu shot, you will be required to wear a mask while on site from October to March.

When do I get a flu shot and where?

Watch the newspaper for advertised flu clinics, contact your family doctor, or call the Margaret Moss Health Clinic.

Does the flu shot cost money?

Flu shots for hospital volunteers are free.

What do I do if I’m sick?

Email/text your team leader to let them know you won’t be there. Inform your Convenor. Stay home until you are well.

What kinds of things will I be doing during my shift?

Delivering nourishments, helping assist patients/residents with meal trays, visiting with patients/residents, handing out magazines, helping out in maternity, tidying common area.

What level of English is required?

Island Health is asking for ESL Level 6.

What is the policy concerning hand hygiene?

Island Health requires a Hand Hygiene policy which means NO nail polish, long nails, artificial nails, extensions, nail jewelry, or nail/wrist jewelry permitted

Do I need a Criminal Record Check?

Yes, they are provided free of charge. More information will be available on Information Night.

Who do I get for my references?

Anybody who knows you well that is NOT family. Coach, teacher, adult family friend.

What do I do if I change my mind about volunteering?

If you change your mind about volunteering your file will be held for one year if you possibly choose to come back.


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Auxiliary to Cowichan District Hospital

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