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The Auxiliary to Cowichan District Hospital is a group of dedicated women and men who are committed to providing care and comfort for the patients at the Cowichan District Hospital and residents at Cairnsmore Place. We have been volunteering to provide services and buy much needed equipment to support the patients and residents since 1932.


There are two classes of members:   regular and life.   Regular members are dues-paying members who participate in whatever way they can.   Life members are those deemed to have contributed greatly in some manner to the operation of the Auxiliary, and do not have to pay dues.  

The Auxiliary’s operations encourage regular participation in decision-making by the membership through meetings every month except July, August and December.   The executive board  meets early in each month and brings updates and pertinent information to general meetings at the month-end  meetings.

Our Auxiliary is a member of the BC Association of Hospital Auxiliaries as well as the regional group for Vancouver Island.   When one joins our organization, most of the initial $10 fee or the annual dues of $10 goes to these governing/guiding organizations as their main funding source.


Officers and Term of Office:  

President:     one year

Past President:    one year

Vice-President:  one year

Secretary:   two years

Treasurer:   two years

Publicity Director:   two years

Needlework Director:   two years

Membership:   two years

Honorary Advisor:  

HATS Director: two years

Gift Shop Director: two years

Elections for some of the positions take place each year at the Annual General Meeting (usually in April).   Staggered elections promote continuity on the Board.

(Many of the directors have convenors reporting to them regarding specific functions within the directors’ responsibilities.

A message from the Manager of Island Health Volunteer Resources:

"We all benefit from the talent, effort and kindness of auxilians and the dollars they raise. It is a privilege and a pleasure to work with every one of them.   I can’t imagine Island Health without the Auxiliary’s cheerful red smocks…and the laughter, wisdom and commitment of its members."