Visit our Needlers at Christmas Chaos November 16-19 at the Cowichan Community Center


Put your enthusiasm for care and comfort to work in the community.   Please join us.

There are so many options for participating, including all the retail and merchandising functions in our Gift Shop and Thrift store (HATS) where more hands make light work,  as well as services like these below which might have openings from time to time.

Cairnsmore Tuck Shop

  • At Cairnsmore Place, members volunteer a few hours each week for Tea and Visiting with residents or at the Tuck Shop in the main entry hall. (subject to Island Health policies)
  • The Needlers....for all their precious creations, including baby toques
  • Surgical sponges  
  • Layettes
  • The Santa Project
  • The Youth Volunteer Program (currently operated by Island Health)

Or volunteer to be an officer on our Executive Board:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Publicity Director
  • Needlework Director,
  • HATS Director (Thrift Store)
  • Gift Shop Director
  • Cairnsmore Place Director
  • Membership Director.  

Officers are elected every year at our Annual General Meeting in April.

For membership information click here.